Digital Camera 101

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Where do you find the Digital Camera?

The Canon S100 Digital Camera can be found with Kelly Moore. Email her here or phone her at extension 36360.


1.On the top of the camera move the slidable button over to shooting mode (looks like a mini camera)                                                             

2.Press and hold for 2 seconds the power switch on the top of the camera to turn it on                                                                                     

3.Press the shoot button half way (on the top of the camera) until you hear two beeps, then press it down all the way, which is then followed with another beep indicating the shot was taken.

Viewing/Deleting Pictures:

1.On the top of the camera slide the slidable button to the left into viewing mode. (Can be done while camera is on or off.)
2.Use the arrow directional buttons to move between pictures.
3.You can use the zoom button to zoom in and out of pictures selected.
4.To delete a pictures find the picture you want deleted and press the menu button.
5.In the new menu, highlight single erase (should be default).
6.Press the set button, twice.
7.At the screen with "Erase ?" use the arrow direction buttons to highlight "Ok" and press the set button.
8.Press the menu button or press set while "Cancel" is highlighted to cancel erasure.

Where can I view and upload my pictures?

You can easily upload and view your pictures using a Sandisk Compact Flash card reader. Visit Kelly for use of a reader. 

Macro vs. Infinity modes?

While in shooting mode press the Right directional arrow keys to switch between Macro and Infinity modes.  Macro mode is used for taking pictures in the range of 10cm to 57cm from the object to the tip of the lens.  Infinity mode is used to shoot pictures of landscapes and distant objects.

Picture Quality:

To adjust picture quality while in shooting mode press menu several times until the setup menu is displayed. Use the Arrow keys to highlight the Icon furthest to the left in the setup menu and press set.  Use the arrow keys to choose between picture quality.  sL = Super Fine Quality/Large, L= Fine Quality/Large and s= Fine/Small.  Once you have selected the desired quality press the set button.  Note, as picture quality increases you reduce the amount of pictures you are able to take.

Self Timer:

To use the self timer, first find a stationary area to place the camera and assure the object desired to shoot is in the viewfinder.  Secondly press the left arrow button and make sure that a circular Icon appears at the bottom left of the screen.  Finaly press the shoot button.  The camera will take the picture after 10 seconds.

Operating notes:

Precautionary notes:

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