Welcome to the Queen's Eye Movement Laboratory

Our laboratory is interested in investigating how the brain controls voluntary behaviour. We focus specifically on how the brain controls the generation and suppression of rapid eye movements called saccades. Saccades are used to move the eyes from one visual target to another. We study control of saccades in control subjects who vary in age from < 1 year to > 90 years through behavioural testing and functional brain imaging experiments. We also study eye movement behaviour in a wide variety of neurological and psychiatric patient groups. From this we gain an understanding of what brain areas are involved in the control of eye movements. To learn more about our research, please have a look around our website. The Research page goes into further detail on our methods and goals. We also have a Research Demonstration that will help you visualize how the brain controls eye movements. Please feel free to Contact us if you have futher questions or are interested in joining our lab.

Research Demonstration

This flash demonstration will give you an introduction to our research.


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