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Principal Investigators

Doug Munoz (Co-director)

Ken Rose (Co-director)

Randy Flanagan

Michael Dorris

Martin Paré

Stephen Scott



Humans place a premium upon movement. Those who have outstanding skills in sport or dance become both rich and famous; those with movement handicaps are often stigmatized or excluded from normal societal pursuits. Understanding and treating disorders of movement is thus a high priority. This Group is founded on the principle that ameliorating or eliminating motor dysfunction can only be accomplished if we understand the neural mechanisms that coordinate the activity of multiple motor systems. To accomplish the goal, we have assembled a team of investigators with unique skills in a range of sensory-motor tasks. These skills provide the foundation for the systematic and comprehensive study of sensory-motor behaviour that combines movements of the eyes, head, arm and hand. To maximize the health care benefits of this research, our study of sensory-motor coordination will also include the design of rigourous behavioural paradigms to detect and monitor the treatment of diseases or injuries affecting sensory-motor function. Other investigations will be devoted to the development of novel strategies that either promote recovery from injury or protect neurons from disease or injury.